Manage Data

How to Manage Your Data The Simple & Convenient Way on FaceBook

Saving your data and controlling your data usage on facebook on 3G and 4G is a way to control your data consumption. With the right app settings, you’re just a step away from staying in control of your data.

Here are some tips on how to minimize data consumption on some of your favourite apps:

Facebook – Switch Off Auto Play

  • Go to your Facebook option icon (the three horizontal bars at the top right corner).
  • Click on App Settings (Under help & settings).
  • Click on AutoPlay.
  • Select Never autoplay videos.
  • In addition, you can activate the “Data Saver” option.
  • Navigate to the option icon.
  • Then go to settings & Privacy.
  • Select Data Saver.
  • Toggle the data saver on.

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