We know that the entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, and lots of people do not have access to tools needed to succeed. MTN has partnered with Forbes to deliver a video streaming service designed to create a community that supports entrepreneurs on their journey.

Forbes8 provides access to videos containing tips and insights to guide entrepreneurs through every stage of business.

Here’s why you need to join the Forbes8 community

  • Access to exclusive Forbes8 Original Shows
  • Content catered to wherever you’re at in your business journey
  • Be part of the global entrepreneur community for as little as N20
  • Recommendation engine based on your viewing preferences

Visit to join a community that’s designed for you and your mission.

Note: These plans give you “Full access to all Forbes8 video content”.



Text "FD" to 13162
Valid for 24 Hrs

3 days


Text "F3DW" to 13162
Valid for 3 days



Text "FW" to 13162
Valid for 7 days



Text "FM" to 13162
Valid for 30 days

Via Web Flow:

  • Visit
  • Enter phone number
  • Select a preferred subscription plan
  • Follow the link in SMS sent from 13162 to login and stream
  • Create an account
  • Select your preferred content in your business line.

Via SMS:

  • Send SMS keyword to the 13162
S/N Keyword Shortcode Price (NGN) Duration
1 FD 13162 20 Daily
2 F3DW 13162 50 3 Days
3 FW 13162 100 Weekly
4 FM 13162 200 Monthly
  • Text FD to 13162 for the daily plan
    Text F3DW to 13162 for the 3-day plan
  • Text FW to 13162 for the weekly plan
  • Text FM to 13162 for the monthly plan
  • Follow link in SMS sent from 13162 to login and stream
  • Create an account
  • Select your preferred content in your business line.

Q. Who can subscribe to Forbes8?

A. The subscription is open to both prepaid and postpaid customers. Subscribers will require a smartphone to access the Forbes8 content

Q. I am on Forbes8 platform, how can I watch a video?

A. Once you have signed into the platform, you can navigate to Guide sections, or directly to the Inspire, Launch, and Grow or Impact sections. Here you will find over 3500+ videos to choose from. Simply scroll to choose your video, and click the video.

Q. How many videos can I subscribe to?

A. Forbes8 is Unlimited. This is an all-you-can-eat subscription – you can access every video on the platform, as often as you like, during the course of yours.

Q. When I subscribe to your video can I download the video for offline viewing?

A. No, Forbes8 does not currently support offline viewing of videos.

Q. Will my Forbes subscription auto-renew?

A. Yes, you have the ability to opt-in to auto-renew your monthly, weekly, three day and daily plans. The option is available to cancel anytime.

Q. Will I have to pay for data separately?

A. Yes, Mobile data charges will apply.


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