We are a community. One that embraces the diversity of people, cultures, ideas and talents. They all come together to shape the future of technology we work constantly to build. As a result, we enrich and impact positively on the lives of all those we touch as agents of change. Our Vision, Our Philosophy and Our Story are characterized by five pillars

MTN Deal

At MTN, we recognise we have an inspiring and exciting story to tell. This story is shaped by our company’s beliefs and philosophies. It is led by our vision.

As an MTNer, you are part of this story. You help narrate it on a daily basis through your work and contribution. You are a key character in each of its scenes. In order for you to experience this story every single day, we need to define it. This is the purpose of the MTN deal. By sharing the plot of the narrative with you, we will ensure that you live the MTN story; that you’re inspired to say: “This is why I work at MTN. This is what we do and how we do it. This is how we are changing the world”.

Our philosophy

We aren’t just a company. We’re a community – one that both connects the emerging world and shapes the future. We go beyond mere connections though. We’re committed agents of change: speeding up progress by sharing our technology, and enriching the lives of those we touch.

Our pioneering spirit means that we act boldly and decisively, and are always ready to ask “Where to next?” We are bound by our values – and led by our vision to be the leading telecommunications provider in the emerging world. This is what inspires us. It is our reason for being.

Brand Strength

The power of the MTN brand

We are an innovative global community. We are passionate about connecting people and enriching lives. MTN is a powerful, global brand; one that is both aspirational and inspirational.

MTN creates experiences that increase our employees’ capacity to act, and to develop their capabilities to Innovate, Create, Learn. We invest 6% of our payroll in training – far more than the industry average of 3.2%. As a result, our employees have consistently voted us as one of the “top companies to work for” or “employer of choice” in a number of countries in which we operate. In driving business performance and setting a new international standard for talent development and organisational learning excellence, we strive to grow and develop MTN’s employee value proposition, strategically developing our talent, culture and organisation. We focus on boosting and enhancing human capacity and capability to support MTN’s vision and growth strategy.

Leadership Brand

Bold and inspiring leadership

If you inspire others to be different, to be bold and to become more, you’re a leader. MTN is a brand that leads both in the world and in its communities. This action is spearheaded by its bold and visionary leaders.

In terms of the MTN Deal, we’re committed to using our bold and inspiring leadership to:

  • Carefully select leaders who are business-focused yet people-centred and can operate in diverse environments;
  • Continuously develop and nurture the leadership capabilities of MTNers to ensure the company’s growth and sustainability;
  • Continue to build a succession pipeline for key leadership positions;
  • Put organisational support mechanisms and feedback processes in place. These ensure our leadership’s growth and accountability; and
  • Help our leaders grow internally from technical roles to assume key leadership roles in our business.

Each MTNer is encouraged to:

  • Become a leader who creates a positive impact on our business and in the communities we serve;
  • Step-up and demonstrate the ability to lead, inspire and empower others through the mentorship, coaching and formal development opportunities you have access to;
  • Live MTN’s values and encourage others to play their part;
  • Build relationships beyond functional boundaries;
  • Keep abreast of company news and developments, and find out how these affect you and/or your team.

Investing in our talent

Unlocking potential

MTN is a company that believes in developing potential. We grow the communities we serve and, most importantly, the people who make us what we are. At MTN we realise that we have a responsibility to our talent – to invest in you, thereby unlocking both your potential and that of our organisation.

In terms of the MTN Deal, we’re committed to delivering on this by:

  • Partnering with you to accelerate your growth by challenging you and providing you with new learning opportunities;
  • Encouraging you to find new and better ways of doing things through innovation – a key part of our business;
  • Placing you in situations that are both challenging and diverse by including both short and long-term assignments in your scope of work;
  • Providing the formal learning and development infrastructure, technology and opportunities you need to grow your expertise; and
  • Giving you honest and direct feedback about your performance using our Performance Development Plans (PDPs), to ensure we meet your development needs and help you realise your potential.

We’re committed to encouraging you further to unlock your potential by:

  • Believing in yourself and using every possible opportunity to learn and grow beyond your comfort zone;
  • Using the development insights and growth opportunities offered to you and participating in MTN’s development programmes through your annual PDPs and e-learning opportunities;
  • Helping us to become a successful business by continuously looking for ways to apply your learning and insights;
  • Adding value to our customers and your colleagues by pursuing learning opportunities, specific tools and experiences that you may need to help you add this value;
  • Embracing MTN’s Can-Do attitude and going the extra mile.

Globally diverse culture

Celebrating our diverse culture

MTN’s wealth lies in the inclusivity and diversity of its global community. MTN’s globally diverse culture gives us a platform to celebrate our differences. By harnessing the unique flavour and heritage of each of our operations, we’re able to find innovative solutions to the challenges of the emerging markets in which we operate.

Guided by the MTN Deal, we’re committed to enabling diversity by:

  • Giving you a global stage from which to share your ideas on innovation and improve our business;
  • Accepting, respecting and embracing your uniqueness. If your ambition is to have a global career path, we will support you in this venture and assist you to make this dream a reality.

Join us in living MTN’s commitment to enabling diversity by:

  • Respecting and expressing sincere interest in the opinions of others, even if they differ from yours;
  • Taking a global approach to your work, while keeping this locally relevant;
  • Developing the tolerance, skills and flexibility needed to succeed in our diverse global community;
  • Embracing the challenges and opportunities in the emerging markets where we operate;
  • Using your
  • Networking with others to enhance your own skills and understanding, and sharing your knowledge with other.

United in our diversity…

At MTN, we believe that each MTNer has the potential to come up with the next breakthrough idea – the one that will transform our industry. We realise that the individuality of each employee enriches our brand and operations on a global scale. This is why we continuously work to celebrate our globally diverse culture.

We do this by:

  • Uniting our team through our brand, vision and values;
  • Developing our culturally diverse workforce of over 3000 people;
  • Ensuring a high level of engagement and cross-pollination through our Group Culture Audit; and
  • Giving MTNers the opportunity to work in virtual teams for both short and long-term assignments.

Total reward and recognition

Unlocking potential

MTN operates in a highly competitive environment. This is one of the key reasons why we recognise and reward our stars. At MTN we know that you, our MTNers, are our company’s greatest asset. It is your innovative ideas that have built our visionary brand – and continue to inspire its growth today. This is why we embrace a philosophy of total reward and recognition.

We’re committed to assisting you to achieve performance excellence by:

  • recognising your value and offering you a competitive total rewards package;
  • offering you both monetary and non-monetary rewards that are designed to support your lifestyle and are based on your operational level in the organisation;
  • encouraging a culture of recognition by entrenching formal and informal practices; and
  • fearlessly confronting mediocrity, poor performance and a lack of commitment whenever we come across these in the organisation.

In turn, we encourage you to:

  • demonstrate a professional work ethic while displaying the values of accountability and responsibility;
  • think outside your scope of work by seeking out new solutions and going the extra mile when and where required;
  • ask for feedback and progress reports on your performance and use these to further boost your work and contribution;
  • recognise and celebrate the outstanding performance of your colleagues through programmes such as Y’elloStars.