Small Business

MTN Business Internet & Devices gives your Small Business an advantage

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

Over 99% proven reliability.

Over 99% proven reliability.

24/7 Support for your business

24/7 Support for your business



Connectivity Services

Connectivity is the foundation of all business communication. Be it email, web access, bandwidth-intensive data transfers (e.g., downloads), networking, video conferencing, and specialised applications, the backbone that enables these is connectivity.
With our connectivity solutions, you stay connected 24/7/365, increase collaboration and share resources with your employees and customers. Take complete control of all your business information and communications with access to our trusted network.

Benefits of Connectivity Solutions for your business:

Reliable, scalable and flexible solutions with high availability

Fast and smooth setup

24hrs proactive monitoring and support

Cost-effective solutions for every kind of businesses – Small, Large or the Public Sector

Securely link multiple sites, employees who work remotely, suppliers and partners local and abroad

Digital Services

With our Digital Services, Small businesses stand to gain the following benefits:

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Data-based Insights

High-Quality Customer Experience

Increased collaboration & Communication

Increased agility

Internet of Things (IoT)

With our IoT-enabled service offerings, Small businesses stand to gain:

Efficiency in how they operate

Better use of resources and assets

Cost-effective operations

Improved customer service/experience and retention

Better business opportunities