The digital world is risky without protection. Secure your data against cybersecurity threats.

MTN, in partnership with IT security giant ESET, offers high-quality cybersecurity solutions as stand-alone or add-on with MTN’s connectivity services.

This is ideal for business with standalone devices not centrally managed. With this, you enjoy:

  • Advanced internet security for comprehensive protection.
  • Protection for Windows, macOS and Android.
  • Personal Management so you can monitor activities on connected devices from the ESET Home app.

This is ideal for business environments where the device users do not have the administrative rights. The administrative right is determined by the organization that either owns the devices or the data on it. It also covers physical windows servers where applicable.

Your admin can remotely configure policies for your staff usage on the ESET PROTECT – A central management console via cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTN ESET all about?What is MTN ESET all about?

A. This is MTN’s cybersecurity solution for SMEs partnership with leading cybersecurity company ESET.

Who is MTN ESET for?Who is MTN ESET for?

A. MTN ESET is designed for individual device owners and SMEs with devices and data that needs to be protected from cyberattacks?

Is ESET a physical CD product?Is ESET a physical CD product?

A. No, ESET would be delivered to you as a licence code in SMS when you buy through your USSD or SMS code?

How many devices can use my ESET licence?How many devices can use my ESET licence?

A. The number of devices that can use a single license depends on the package you buy. Once the number of devices allowed has been exhausted the access to that license would be denied to any new device.

Can I delete access to any device?Can I delete access to any device?

A. Yes. To free up licence allowance, simply delete ESET on of the device(s) to be discontinued.

Contact Us

For enquiries, send an email to

Contact Us

For enquiries, send an email to