Hassan Jaber

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Meet Hassan Jaber, Our COO!


I’m responsible for keeping all operations running smoothly; ensuring everyone’s satisfied.

I provide strategic direction to the business’ commercial and technical functions across several divisions.

Before joining MTN Nigeria in 2022, I worked as the Chief Operations Officer at MTN Iran and have held multiple executive leadership positions within the MTN Group, including CIO of MTN Ghana, MTN Yemen, and MTN Syria. I have also served as CEO of MTN Guinea, MTN Sudan and MTN Afghanistan. You can say Y’ello has run in my blood for most of my professional career.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Computing from University Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth, Lebanon, an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration from HEC Business School Paris, and I’m an alumnus of the International Executive Program at INSEAD.

Efficiency, Efficacy and Effective Delivery… at MTN, these are the words we live by to ensure that you keep getting the best value for your money.