Babalola Oyeleye

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer


I lead the team responsible for developing and driving initiatives to help achieve business objectives, sustain growth and ensure operating efficiency. Together, we work hard to shape the future of MTN by proactively introducing specific measures to help accelerate the company’s business performance and innovations.

I bring over 25 years’ experience across a range of functions including procurement, supply chain, project management and business transformation. I joined the Y’ello faily as a Business Analyst in 2003. I became Quality Assurance Manager in 2003 and Product Procurement Manager in 2006. By 2008,  I became Senior Manager, Procurement and rose to General Manager, Procurement & Support Services in 2011. I assumed the role of General Manager, Strategy & Innovation in 2017 before taking on this role in 2023.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics from University College London as well as executive education certifications in Leadership, Supply Chain Management and Strategic Thinking with Cranfield University, IMD Business Schools and Lagos Business School.

The future of business is dependent on how well our systems, processes, people, and technology constantly evolve to accommodate innovations and enhance our effectiveness. My team and I are committed to ensuring that MTN is well-equipped with the best frameworks for this.