Performing Arts Sponsorships

Under this initiative, MTNF sponsors theatre productions, festivals and visual arts exhibitions that highlight our rich Nigerian and African stories. Some of the sponsorships include:

1. Legends the Musical

Produced by Ayo Ajayi, an alumnus of the MTNF/MUSON Music Scholars Programme. Legend is a fictional story aimed at celebrating African heroes and cultures. Told through exhilarating dance, beautiful musical compositions and profound poetry performances, this production is a blend of various modern and Cultural artistic expressions.

2. Saro The Musical

Saro: The Musical” is Bolanle Austen-Peter’s first musical venture. Set in modern times, celebrates migrants to Lagos from other parts of Nigeria, with a focus on four talented young men. The quartet face a series of challenges as they chase better fortunes in the city of dreams.

3. Kakadu the Musical

Kakadu the Musical” is the flagship production of the Playhouse Initiative. Written and produced by Uche Nwokedi SAN, the aspiring and intimate play tells the story of Nigeria as a country on stage and in motion. It shares the story of love, friendship and survival in spite of the way society discriminates against background and tribe.

4. Fela and the Kalakuta Queens

Fela and the Kalakuta Queens is a musical biopic on the life of the legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, and the women that were an integral part of his success. Produced and directed by Bolanle Austin-Peters Production

5. Wakaa! the Musical

Described as a play about the trials, successes, and experiences of young graduates from varied backgrounds,” “Wakaa! The Musical” follows the fate of a group of friends after a wager is struck at graduation. Set to popular music, it is partly social commentary, partly satire, but all singing and dancing.

6. OMG the Musical

OMG, the Musical’ a fantasy journey into the lives of three great Nigerian women; Olufumilayo Ransome Kuti, Margaret Ekpo, and Hajia Gambo Sawaba. Exploring challenges they faced and steps they took to overcome. Another exciting production of DeClassical Arts & Entertainment led by Ayo Ayayi

7. Agbarho the Musical

Agbarho, the Musical’ a story about love, hope, gender and ethnic discrimination. A tribute to the richness of our strength, colorful diversity of our people and the limitless potential of the indomitable Nigerian spirit, produced by Patrick Otoro Productions Limited (POP).

8. Emotan

Emotan, an emotional exploration into the mythical Bini culture that continues to enthrall the world projected through awe-inspiring dance and music, produced by Duke of Shomolu.

9. Oba Esugbayi

A story of tribulation, emancipation and romance. It brings together the very rich cultural heritage of Lagos and the very colorful and insightful traditions of the Efik people who inhabit the banks of the River Cross in South Eastern Nigeria produced by Duke of Shomolu Productions.

10. High! The Stage Play

High is a stage play that dramatizes the phenomena of substance abuse amongst teens in Nigeria, centered around peer pressure, drug & alcohol use, depression, self-esteem, bullying, sexual activity, cyber addition etc.

Produced by Rue14 Studios, a creative and empowerment center for children that uses Art, Dance and Theatre to influence and invoke critical thinking in children.

11. Jungle Story

Jungle Story 2 is a musical satire about the history of corruption in Nigeria where characters in the story are likened to animals, hence the title Jungle Story. Produced and directed by Sound Sultan, a popular Nigerian musician

12. Our Son the Minister

Our Son the Minister is a comical, thought provoking political satire, with a strong social focus and highlights an individual’s conviction to be upright come what may. It tells the story of an individual who turned down the opportunity to be a Minister of his country, as he felt that he would not be able to maintain his integrity due to the amount of pressure from his family and friends. Produced by Beeta Universal Arts Foundation led by Bikiya Graham-Douglas abandoned

13. Five Maids of Fadaka

An adaptation of the biblical story of the ten virgins; a theatre play with a rich blend of folklore, traditional dance and music that transports the audience to a typical African village setting. Thespian Family Theatre & Productions produce the Five Maids of Fadaka.

14. Life in My City Art Festival

Life in my City is an annual visual arts festival organized by Kevin Ejiofor, targeted at youths from all over Africa where artwork is submitted online for review by a panel of judges. Works by the shortlisted artists are then taken on a local tour of nine states, covering 5 of the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria. A jury of selected panelists further shortlists the best of the lot, which is then, exhibited in Galleries across Enugu. The festival also includes lectures, a music night, and a workshop for Children on Art.

15. Nigerian Universities Theatre Arts Festival (NUTAF)

NUTAF is an annual festival of the Nigerian Universities Theatre Arts Students Association (NUTASA), the National body of all students studying theatre arts courses in all universities across Nigeria.

16. Eko Theatre Carnival

An annual festival that entails stage, community and street theatre performances, lectures and workshops at various locations in Lagos organised by Crown Troupe of Africa led by Segun Adefila, a youth focused group engaged in roving theatre.

17. Lagos International Poetry Festival (LIPFEST)

LIPFEST is one of Africa’s key art and cultural events, that brings together some of the biggest writers, poets and artists from different countries across continents to perform with foremost Nigerian contemporary poets in Lagos.

18. Made in Nigeria Poetry Show

Made in Nigeria Poetry Show uses poetry as a tool for storytelling. It seamlessly incorporates music, dance and drama, to tell resonating stories about Nigeria and Nigerians by touching on various issues, including the challenges of inter-tribal relationships, workplace ethics, teenage sexuality, Pan-Africanism etc. Designed and produced by Dike Chukwumerije, one of Nigeria is leading poets.

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