MTN4ME is designed to offer unique and personalized offers that provide you with the best value on the MTN network. Whether you’re looking for data or voice bundles, recharge offers, or combo bundles, you can be sure to find the perfect offer that suits your needs. All MTN PREPAID customers are eligible to enjoy the MTN4ME service.


Benefits of MTN4ME

  • 100% Data Bonus on select data bundles
  • Discounted Data Bundles
  • Best Value Data and Voice Bundle
  • Bonus on recharge Offers


Offers available on MTN4ME
MTN4ME provides you with special offers across multiple product categories suited specifically to address your needs and interests. You will get the following offer categories:

  • Top Deals 4ME
  • Recharge offers 4ME
  • Data offers 4ME
  • Combo offers 4ME

How to get MTN4ME offers

You can access MTN4ME by:

What offers do I get on MTN4ME?

Your offers will be unique to you but all customers get the following generic offer categories:

  • Top Deals 4ME
  • Recharge Offers 4ME
  • Data Offers 4ME
  • COMBO Bundles 4ME

For how long will I be able to enjoy MTN4ME?

You will be able to enjoy the offer for as long as you are on the MTN network period.

I am currently enjoying an offer in the Recharge offers 4ME category, will I be able to enjoy an offer in the Data offer 4ME category too?

Yes, you will be able to enjoy all offers displayed

I just activated a new SIM, will I be able to enjoy MTN4ME offer?

Yes. Your offer will be enabled 48 hours after your line has been activated.

Are the MTN4ME offers exhaustive?

Yes, when you have exhausted your offer in any of the categories. A pop up notification is displayed.

“Dear Customer, Thank you for trying. You do not have any more offers at the moment, please check back next week for NEW offers”

Will I be able to activate any offer via my phone if I have no recharge balance?

No, You will NOT be able to purchase any offer with no recharge balance.

What is MTN ComboMax bundle?

MTN ComboMax bundles reward you with airtime talk time for National calls and International calls to (four) selected international countries and data for browsing.

Who can subscribe to MTN ComboMax bundle?

All MTN PREPAID customers can subscribe to any MTN ComboMax bundle.

What are the different MTN ComboMax bundle plans available?

They are Weekly and Monthly bundle plans.

Which international destinations can I call with my MTN ComboMax bundle airtime?

You will be able to call the below eligible destinations with your MTN ComboMax bundle.

  • USA
  • China
  • Canada
  • India

Will I be able to share my MTN ComboMax bundles?

No. You will not be able share from your MTN ComboMax bundle.

If my data bundle is activated as One-off, will I be able to opt in for Auto[1]renew or renew the bundle?

Yes, you will be able to opt in for auto-renewal or renew the bundle by sending “R+bundle cost” to 312.

Example: If you have an active 300MB daily bundle that is on One-off option, you will be able to renew it by sending R300 to 312.

Will I be able to cancel auto-renewal anytime?

Yes. You will be able to cancel auto-renewal on your bundle anytime by sending “No+Bundle cost” to 312.

How do I check my MTN ComboMax bundle balance?

You will be able to check your data bundle balance via the following channels:

  • USSD: Dialing *312*4# (for main data bundle and bonus) or *310#
  • SMS: Texting 2 to 312
  • myMTN App
  • myMTN web
  • ChatBot (Zigi)

Can I purchase multiple MTN ComboMax bundles?

Yes. You can activate multiple MTN ComboMax bundles and all the bundles purchased will have their own unique expiry dates.

If I have multiple ComboMax bundles active, which bundle will deplete first?

If you have multiple ComboMax bundles active on your line, the bundle with the least validity will be used first.

Example: If you have a 30-day bundle plan and 7-day bundle plan both active on your line, the 7-day plan will be used first before the 30-day plan.

What happens if I exhaust my ComboMax bundles before the renewal date?

As soon as you exhaust your data bundle before the expiry, your data access will be suspended, and you will no longer be able to browse. To continue browsing, you will need to do one of the following:

  • Buy another data plan by dialing *121*1# or *904#.
  • Borrow data by dialing *303#
  • Opt-in for Pay-As-You-Go browsing by dialing *312*200# to continue browsing with your airtime at N3.07/MB.

What is the validity of the ComboMax bundles?

The respective validities for the ComboMax bundles are captured on the Summary table below.

If I have sufficient balance on my main account balance and I have sufficient balance on my ComboMax bundle, will my calls/SMS be charged from my main account or from the ComboMax bundle?

Call and SMS charges will be deducted first from your ComboMax balance but once exhausted, charges will then be deducted from your main account balance.

Will I be able to use my ComboMax airtime or data when I roam?

No. You can only use the airtime and data values on your ComboMax bundle while in Nigeria. However, you can call select international destinations with ComboMax airtime balance from Nigeria.

When I try to buy ComboMax bundle, I noticed that I don’t see all the ComboMax bundles on the *121# menu. Why is that?

Different customers will see different bundles when they try to buy the ComboMax on the *121# menu.

Example: When Adebisi dialed *121# and selected ‘ComboMax’, she saw three (3) ComboMax bundles listed on the menu but when Vincent tried to buy a ComboMax bundle on the same menu, he saw only two (2) bundles listed on the menu.

Note: A maximum three (3) ComboMax bundle will be displayed on the menu.

Can I gift my MTN ComboMax bundle?

No. You will not be able to gift your MTN ComboMax bundle.

When will I be able to use my MTN ComboMax bundle?

You will be able to use your MTN ComboMax bundle balance at any time of the day.

Can I buy multiple MTN ComboMax bundles?

Yes. You will be able to buy multiple MTN ComboMax bundles.

Note: When you have multiple bundles active on your line, the bundle with the shortest/closest expiry will be used first.

 If I migrate to another tariff plan with an active ComboMax bundle, will I still be able to use it?

Yes, you will still be able to use your active MTN ComboMax bundle when you migrate to any other tariff plan.

Will I be able to share out of my MTN ComboMax bundle?

No. You will not be able to share from the airtime and data element from you MTN ComboMax bundle.

Summary of MTN ComboMax Bundles
Bundle Name Price Talk time (N) Data value Voice (Nat’l) rate Int’l rate Int’l destinations Validity Opt in for auto-renewal Opt out of auto-renewal


N300 600 750MB  


66.667k/sec (N40/min)



68k/sec (N40.8/min)



Canada China India United States

7 days R300 NO300


N500 1000 1.5GB 7 days R500 NO500


N1,000 2000 3GB 14 days R1000 NO1000


N2,000 4000 7GB 30 days R2000 NO2000


N3,500 7000 18GB 30 days R3500 NO3500
ComboMax 5000 N5,000 10,000 25GB 30 days R5000 NO5000


N7,000 14,000 40GB 30 days R7000 NO7000
Combo Max


N10,000 20,000 65GB 30 days R10000 NO10000