Roaming with your MTN line while traveling abroad allows you to stay in touch with family, business, and friends even when you are thousands of miles away from home. Our goal at MTN is to make your roaming experience a pleasant one. Our variety of roaming offers afford you attractive discounts during your trip with over 500 roaming partners in more than 150 countries and islands across the world, we provide the best deals.

Here are a few roaming tips to remember;

Before You Travel:

  1. Confirm that MTN has a roaming partner in the destination you are traveling to.
  2. Check that you have enough credit for your trip. To check your airtime balance, dial *556#.
  3. While roaming, you can credit your phone using your bank account, myMTN App or vouchers.

When You Arrive

  • To enjoy data roaming, go to settings and turn on your ‘data roaming’
  • Set phone on 3G or 4G where applicable.
  • To subscribe to any roaming bundle, dial *123*4# or visit myMTN App. However, before buying a bundle, check eligible countries on *123*4#
  • For support, kindly contact us through myMTN App (select more on Menu), on Twitter @MTN180, on WhatsApp 09033000001 or visit the roaming desk at the airport.

NOTE: Where you do not purchase a bundle, ‘pay as you go’ rates apply to voice calls, SMS, incoming calls and data services.